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My payment isn't working

We accept all major credit and debit cards in every country. If your payment isn’t being accepted, contact your card issuer.

I haven't received my confirmation email

Check your spam/junk folder, or log in to your account here to access your download files.

I've forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.


How do I install fonts?

Windows 8/10

• Open the ZIP file and extract the font
• Double-click the font
• Click Install from the preview window.

Windows 7 & Vista

• Open the ZIP file and extract the font
• Double-click the font
• Select Install.

Windows XP, Windows 98 & Windows 95

• Open the ZIP file and extract the font
• Copy & Paste the fonts into the Fonts Folder, usually found in:
C:\Windows\ Fonts


• Open the ZIP file and extract the font
• Double-click the font and it will open FontBook
• Press ‘Install Font’ (bottom-right of the window) to install the font.
• Important: You MUST restart your computer before re-opening the template.
• If the font is not showing in Word, open FontBook and drag the font into the ‘Computer’ section on the right before restarting your computer.

The font download link isn't working

All the fonts used in our templates are available for free on the internet. If a link is not working for any reason, simply Google the font name listed in the PDF file included with your template to find an alternative source.

I can't open the document

The templates are in .docx format and are compatible with Microsoft Word (Windows and Mac OS X) versions 2010 and above. Check that you have a compatible version. If you don’t, a free trial is available on the Microsoft website.

The template formatting is out of alignment

If elements (text boxes, lines, shapes etc) are out of alignment when you open the document, this is due to Microsoft Word layout settings that vary from computer to computer and is outside of our control. Refer to the Preview PDF file included with your package in order to move any elements back to their correct position.

When sending your resume to employers, always send them a PDF version to ensure all the formatting stays exactly as it looks on your computer.

I can't select a text box/element to modify it

As elements overlap each other, you may find that you can’t select one as it is behind another one. Simply select the element which covers it and drag it out of the way in order to access the one behind, before moving it back as required.

How do I change the colors of lines or shapes?

Select the element you want to edit, and click the ‘Shape Format’ tab in Word. You can then change the ‘fill’ color as required.

I didn't save an original copy - can I download the template again?

Yes — you can download your files again at any time by logging in to your account.

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