Looking to Get Hired? Choose these Ultimate Winning Cover Letter Samples

Covers letters also known as application letters are mostly assumed by job applicants for they do not know its importance. Cover letters have their biggest role on every letter. The luck of knowledge makes everybody think that this document is of no necessity and of no use.

What does a cover letter mean? This is a letter that takes part as an introduction to the accomplishment by you and explains why you fit that job. What do you think is its importance? Well here is the answer, while writing a resume you will need to add some details contained on the resume and also one can mention positivity about the company. Once you have well-written details then the company can distinguish you from other recruiters. The good thing you can use the same cover later to some new job ads by just adjusting some contents inside.

These cover letters give your employer an alert on what position you are seeking and what are your qualifications because a resume as most of us think that it provides all the information the employer needs. A resume is limited to an employer without a cover letter. One can explain circumstances such as large gaps in your employment history, the job market, or even changing careers,

If you are stuck and don’t know how to write one the below we have prepared something for everyone. All formats that you may need.


1.   The main sections you should not miss

While writing your cover letter there are important things that one should include and those are

  • Addressing a specific individual
  • Killer opening
  • A great body content
  • A strong call to action

Having these four main part boost the point of winning you employers more interest on reading what you have for them. Let us look at them below on an example cover letter to help you with understanding better.


Addressing a Specific Individual

Once you understand that the letter that you are writing is of much importance then you need to do a lot of research concerning the company. It therefore good if you don’t say ‘to whom it may concern’ be direct and mention the person’s name.

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name], (never say “To Whom It May Concern”)

Killer Opening

After having a personalized greeting it is well to add a strong starting paragraph. Never be weak on this in order to make it interesting and catchy to allow the reader to read it till the end. A self-introduction and your areas of experience must be included not forgetting the reason as to why you should be offered that job.

A Great Body Content

In this second paragraph, you are needed to highlight a few highly relevant details. What to need to do here is to state the most relevant details about your skills, experience, or credentials. You will be needed to illustrate how your qualifications fit the position. You need to tie them actively in the position at hand. Another important thing to do is to relate yourself to your company. You might indicate a few things like if you ever use their products and also you need to show interest in knowing their vision and mission. While writing these you can (Should)

  • Consider the use of bullets

You need to make a master showcase of some of the skills and achievements made by you and the best method is to use the bullets to list them. You can bullet about three to four items.

  • Add numbers, percentage or even dollar amounts (quantify your items)

This can apply when adding significant professional success. This success needs to be made impressive by quantifying your achievements.

  • Adding numbers to your work makes it much better than that one without numbers.

A strong Call to Action

You need to end your cover letter at high note just as you stated above. This ending part is what we call a CTA (Call to Action). You need to give them your contact information. Thank them on a professional note for taking their time to read what you ha for them.



Your name.

Everyday Cover Letter with Examples

This is the general cover letter format that most people tend to use day by day. We will be looking at an example by a job seeker applying at one media house as an editor-in-chief.


The example

Dear Mr. Franklin,

I am interested as the chief editor at the MCB Company as advertised at the banner and on you social media platforms and at mcb.com. I am currently employed as the managerial director at the national youth service which is a Government initiated company. I believe that by the skills and experiences I have acquired at this position makes me suitable for the job as the chief editor. I have three years of experience as an editor working with NYS before being promoted as the official manager and worked at this position for two years.

As the managerial director I received a well training and I have developed a strong editing skills and as your job listing suggests you need that one person who has high professional skills on editing. I have help coach the juniors and the senior editors at my current station. I have helped run the companies most numerous publishing and made sure we only deliver original content. With my team we even came up we methods spearheading and promoting our content and have raised a successful engagement by an impression of about 45% in half a month which was the Companies target.

I am valiant that my experience as a managerial director with my proven track of work ethic, and also my natural skills at doing something will make me be considered for the position at MCB Company. With my great understanding to the editorial room and many years at the station then I hope will become one of the members to contribute to the success of the Company.

I am looking forward to discussing boldly with you concerning my qualification in more details. I am readily available anytime and I will do follow up to know whether this application reached you.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

According to the above example she has included at the end of his first paragraph he has indicated.

  • The hiring manager’s name and this shows that she set time to do some research about the place.
  • The job applicant has also indicated where she found the job advertisement
  • He also never forgot to highlight his relevant achievements.

Doing an applications having a cover letter like this one, then can help strengthen you resume and the overall application.

Having followed the basics of writing of writing a cover letter then the applicant has gained points and attracted the reader interest. How did he attract the HR manager interest? Well he has a well short organized first paragraph which is on a strong, professional note.

The candidate as well has listed some of his specific responsibilities explaining how he is skilled on handling such work. She then adds how she has been of great importance on helping the current company follow a successful path having his efforts at first. This is a great way to put up your work because it tells the employer what they are expecting and what they will gain from you.

It is nice and acceptable how the candidate put his ending remarks by confirming that he is available and will do a follow just to know whether the manager got his application.it is well because he was not aggressive but show humbleness which is nice of him.


Professional Cover Letter Example

Here is the best format if you are a mid-level manager or any job applicant showing your professionalism. Reading this content can help you add up some ideas and can teach you one or two things.

The example.


402 Your Address city name 1234

475-123-5457 / youremail@hotmail.com

Hiring manager’s name

202 company address

Palo alto, California 5068

(456)789- 9876

Hiring manager’s email


Dear [hiring manager’s name]

I am writing to apply for the digital marketer at East Park. My ambition for the internet and both social media combine with working with you at your company would be a unique and enriching experience. I have more than five years working as a digital marketer and with highly skilled and I hope I be considered for that position at East park because my profession aligns closely with what you listed on you advert.

I have expertized in social media activation, customer research, content creation and project management. Having all these in the Digital marketing, my previous work station at TQSEL I can testify that I have a grown a great leadership skills, an efficient and enthusiast. The main achievements that I had on my previous position that relates highly to what you want and I am valiant that I have are:-

  • I created 4 new social media campaigns which increased the engagement of our users with over 900%.
  • Increased the conversion of our normal customers to paying customer from 1.0% to 4.5% in the last year.
  • Improved the strategy to fit the changing technology to help the organization expand in three countries in Europe.
  • Researched the consumer behavior in the three countries and came up with a go to plan for each specific one and reached the first year target in the 1st 9 months.

Analyzing the target market, creating social media contents and ads for the platform such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as applying the appropriate communicating skills was the task that I took care of and would fit your current needs as I already found 3 new ways of reaching your customers through these platforms.

I would be privileged to discuss this position more with in details. I will call next Tuesday to follow up my application. I am also available at any time whenever it is most convenient for you. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Your name.



In order to get noticed by a potential employer you need to create a professional cover letter that will knock out their socks off. Writing a professional cover letter you need to show your marketable skill and elaborate on how they will be of great change on the new organization.



Creative cover letter


We have checked a professional cover letter and seen how informal it is, just to distinguish a creative cover letter from a professional cover letter is that a creative cover letter is always informal, in a sense full of personality and fun. That is the only way you can get your job application noticed. Just as the other cove letter to attract the manager you need to keep it one page.

The example

Dear [Hiring manager’s name]

As a savvy administrative professional who has watched all the studios movies yes all of them I was excited to see the job posting for publicity assistant position with ABC film company. I’ve built my life and dreams around a life in the film industry. Like most self-proclaimed film aficionados I was president of the media society on my college campus and have coordinated film screenings on campus and in my local community. Since my sophomore year friends have called me Netflix. All of my internships have revolved around our industry including my semester spent with HBO as a marketing intern. This role helped me understand what it takes to turn the imaginings in someone’s mind and mass produce them into a streaming service that can be accessed all across the globe. If you’re looking to add someone to your team whose general enthusiasm will be infectious while also producing solid work then I am your gal. My natural love for all things ABC Film Company paired with my communications degree makes us birds of a feather. What do you say we take flight today if it be your pleasure I’d love to speak with you further about the position and my well-aligned qualifications. With gratitude.


[Your name]




This type of a cover letter is of success since it casual and presented in a funny tone. The applicant shoots his main point followed by interest in the position, some of her qualifications, and her specific skills. You are allowed to add any personal information to wind up your cover letter and this shows you are passionate to the job and this makes you more memorable candidate.


Entry-Level Cover Letter Example

One might come at a point of giving up after struggling so much out here searching for a job. It is discouraging if you are a job seeker and applied for dozen of applications but all has gone in vain. All in all one needs to persevere and keep on writing until an employer gives them a chance.

The example


402 Your Address city name 1234

475-123-5457 / youremail@hotmail.com

Hiring manager’s name

202 company address

Palo alto, California 5068

(456)789- 9876

Hiring manager’s email

Dear [hiring manager’s name]

I have been of great interest and a strong admirer of your good work at Tecom technologies, I am valiant to submit my application for the entry-level it technician as posted on Tecom.com. I graduate in November in the University of Cambridge with a B.A in computer science. I am of much confidence that my knowledge in Linus systems and experience in backend and coding would make me of much consideration in Tecom technologies.

I was responsible for troubleshooting a variety of technical issues for staff, assisting in server maintenance and installing some equipment’s at my former University, Cambridge. I helped improve our school ticket response to 15% and assisted in the creation and development of new departments and practices. I am with hope that with this experience I will be of much impact at Tecom technologies.

As it was stated on the job banner I clearly know that Tecom want to expand on their cloud computing services. I specialized in and completing my computer thesis at the university of Cambridge. This IT opportunity at Tecom Technologies is of great to me because I will expand and learn more about growing industries.

Further details like my education background and skill I have them indicated on my resume which I have attached to this. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if there are further clarification needed. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.



[Your Name]


Why this letter is a success

As a candidate writing an entry-level cover letter you must show

  • The marketing strategies put forward
  • The passion you have for that job
  • How you market their strengths

I you can go back to that exemplary letter above you can see how the applicant shows enthusiasm about the job opportunity. This is mostly importantly to earn points from employers, because most employer take it as risky to give a chance to a recent graduate who has no experience in the fields provided. So showing that passion can spearhead you chances of getting considered.

You have to understand that you do not have a full time work but well that should not allow you to lose. You still can give attention to skill which you have and corresponds to the job listing just as the candidate on our example did. She connects her course work to the company’s goals.

Career change cover letter (Example)

Normally when one wants to change a career from one to another one is involved in writing a letter. That letter is what we call Career Change Cover Letter. This letter one can mention their skills, experiences and strengths even if they do not much the specific position. Well we will provided you an example on how to prove you are suitable for a certain job even though your experiences are from another industry.

Below is a letter a career cover letter to guide you how to wobble your hiring manager when transferring companies. Here are some key elements to consider:-

  • Mention your performance in the previous work
  • Show your interest for the work and knowledge
  • Outline your skills nearly for the job

The example

Dear hiring manager,

This letter is to express my special interest concerning the job post as a SEO manager on the CBC Company posted on LinkedIn. I have that strong love towards improving the growth of a business website and that is why I took a lead and decided to apply. I have ever done my uncle’s website which was and is still a great success.

Since I graduated from my High school studies I have worked with several industries mainly as a customer care personell and my services have whet people’s skills and improved my effeciancy and the industry sales upto 20% working under high pressure companies.

Working as a customer care personel is not what I have always wanted because it does not satisfy the talent in me. I have all the required papers that you need because I did my all courses and luckily well finished the 100 course.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. You can reach out to me at any time of your consideration without any hesitation. Thank you for taking your time and consideration.



[ your name]



Why this letter is a success

In this letter the writer I sincere because he expresses the passion he has toward the industry. The applicant has a strong and catchy first paragraph as he jumps direct to saying of how he has love for Search Engine Optimization. It is also transparent as the candidate informs the hiring manager the reason as to why he is switch his career. Letting the employer understand why you are changing your career is of great importance and you should not miss that.


Resume Examples

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